King Charles Backs Apprenticeships

In a BBC interview in 2018 looking forwards to the time when he would be king, Charles III insisted that his adoption of the constitutional role of sovereign would mean he would no longer speak out on major issues that interested him, ranging from the environment to architecture. Nonetheless, details of his views on many things expressed while Prince of …

Northern Gas Expands Apprenticeship Scheme

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) has revealed it has expanded its apprenticeship scheme to open up opportunities within the sector for young people who do not have formal qualifications. 

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Will New Government Ministers Spell Change For Apprenticeships?

The government’s policies on apprenticeships will be something that both those hoping to take that route to a new career and apprenticeship training providers themselves will be looking for information as Liz Truss and her new team take over from Boris Johnson’s outgoing cabinet. While the topic may not have featured much in the party hustings as Ms Truss and …

60% Of Students Considering Apprenticeships

There has been an increase in the number of people considering apprenticeship schemes recently, as the cost-of-living crisis is forcing students to look at alternatives to university education. 

National Trust Announces New Apprenticeship Programme

People who are interested in developing their heritage skills will be able to embark on a new apprenticeship from the National Trust. The Hamish Ogston Foundation – a charity focused on heritage, health and music – has revealed it has awarded £6.2 million to the National Trust to launch the new Heritage Crafts Apprenticeship programme. This will enable 52 people …

Mythbuster Seeks To Dispel Apprenticeship Misconceptions

The lifting of pandemic-related restrictions in the UK should help the economy grow, notwithstanding the global economic impact of the war in Ukraine. But filling the jobs this will generate may be a significant challenge.