PM: Choose Apprenticeships Over Mickey Mouse Degrees

The Prime Minister has been encouraging students to pursue apprenticeships instead of enrolling in so-called Mickey Mouse degrees. 

Earlier this week, Rishi Sunak commented that many people are going to university to study “low value degrees that aren’t delivering”. 

“They leave young people in a job they could have got otherwise and they leave them financially worse off,” he stated. 

As a result, there are courses with high drop-out rates and poor employment levels post university. 

To address this, the Prime Minister said the Conservatives are planning to clamp down on these degrees, as well as highlight alternative options, such as apprenticeships. 

Mr Sunak said offering skills training and more apprentice choices will “help more young people to choose the path that is right to help them reach their potential and grow our economy”. 

The government is, therefore, planning to penalise certain university courses, and increase access to apprenticeships. 

This comes after the government revealed foreign students will no longer be allowed to bring relatives to the UK while they are studying from January next year. 

Recent official figures showed that higher apprenticeship starts grew by 7,1 per cent from 2021/22 to the following year, demonstrating the growing popularity of alternative training courses.  

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