Supporting you in building a leadership-powered company based on accountability.

The Leadership Pipeline is regarded as one of the most influential leadership models to surface in the last twenty years, with a significant number of FORTUNE 500 companies choosing it as their main leadership infrastructure for selecting and growing leaders at all levels. Connexin has certified LPI facilitators who can deliver Leadership Pipeline Solutions to your organisation.

01. Leading global provider

LPI is the leading global provider of leadership and specialist pipeline solutions to private and public organisations.

02. Develops over 5000 people per year

Learning methods are focused on 100% inclusion of the participants' real-life challenges, making learning immediately applicable to their job role.

03. Bespoke learning delivery

Connexin's certified LPI tutors work with the Institute in order to create delivery based on industry insights and hands-on experience.

04. Flexible design approach

LPI can combine their tried and tested delivery with the unique requirements of your organisation.

05. Added value

By increasing agility of the candidate we can ensure their work is performed seamlessly across the business.

06. Increases retention rates

Provides an attractive career path and a transparent framework for performance, development, promotion and future growth.