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  • Aspiring Leaders

    An Aspiring Leader could be a new team leader/supervisor, someone who is in development to move into this role, or an experienced team leader/supervisor who wishes to up-skill in study before committing to a full qualification.

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  • Emerging Managers

    This programme is designed to support candidates in their leadership development and to prepare them for future roles and further study on a Level 5 Management Programme.

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  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    While there is no agreed standard definition of emotional intelligence, the concept can be expressed as the ability to perceive and understand one’s own personal feelings and those of others. EI means recognising emotions and acting on them in a reflective, positive and critical manner.

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  • Recruitment & Selection

    This programme aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge to enable them to identify poor recruitment practices and what can be done to prevent/mitigate impacts to the organisation.

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