Emerging Managers

This programme is designed to support candidates in their leadership development and to prepare them for future roles and further study on a Level 5 Management Programme.


Before candidates begin, we ask them to research the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to prepare an example of how another organisation successfully demonstrates this, and also to familiarise themselves with organisational strategic plans. At the end of day three, candidates will be asked to prepare a presentation on how their department is going to improve working with identified stakeholders, they will also write a report including deliverable actions on how they plan to develop in the areas of CSR and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).


On completion of the programme, candidates may choose to complete a further CMI Level 5 diploma, certificate, or award in Management and Leadership, or move into a full Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship.

Day 1

The learning objective for the first day is to understand the change in perspective required when operationally planning at a strategic level. In order to achieve this the following topics will be covered: Levels of planning within an organisational structure; organisational, legal, and ethical considerations; monitoring against metrics. In preparation for the following day, candidates will be set a research task to find out about their local community’s diversity.

Day 2

The learning objective for day two is to understand their role in championing EDI at a leadership level. Presentations will also be given on the research topic assigned on the previous day. The following topics will be covered in the session: Unconscious bias; your role as a champion in understanding and promoting equality, diversion and inclusion (EDI); organisational specific EDI reports/business case; develop an EDI plan to address an identified shortfall; EDI deep dive.

Day 3

The learning objective for day three is to understand how to manage resources with a view to conform to organisational quality standards and management. A table discussion of the links to CSR and EDI set at the end of day two will take place, then candidates will cover the following: Influences on managing stakeholders (internal and external) in line with the organisational requirements; linking the needs to the stakeholders to the needs of the organisations; impacts on “how we work”.

Day 4

The aim of day four is to consolidate the learning from the previous three sessions, and demonstrate how candidates will apply this in the workplace. Candidates will give their presentations set at the end of day three, and conduct a peer learning review for each presentation. There will then be a guest speaker on the future of their organisation, and how candidates will move forward with their own learning and development. Encompass tutors will mark the assignments set, and assess the reflective journals before a final sign off.