Aspiring Leaders

An Aspiring Leader could be a new team leader/supervisor, someone who is in development to move into this role, or an experienced team leader/supervisor who wishes to up-skill in study before committing to a full qualification.

On completion of the programme, candidates may choose to complete a further CMI Level 3 Principles of Management and Leadership diploma, certificate, or award, or move into a full Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship.

This module introduces the candidates to reflective practice as part of their development. They will work with Kolb’s Learning Cycle and assess their own learning styles, developing an understanding of how these can be used in conjunction with their Personal Development Plan. Finally, candidates will develop skills in holding challenging conversations to build their confidence in owning their own development.

This module will examine cultural models, external influences on culture, practice vs. reactive management, values and links to behaviour, value based decision making, and unconscious bias. By the end of the session, candidates will be able to explain the organisation’s culture and influences, identify their own unconscious bias and how this influences their behaviour and decisions, and be introduced to their presentation requirements for the fourth and final session.

This module is about the leadership skills of an employee who has first line management and leadership responsibility. They will study leadership models, motivation and theories, how their team fits into the culture, and how their management style influences the aforementioned. By the end of the sessions, candidates will be able to discuss the impact of resilience as a leader, the difference between a manager and a leader, and then write an assignment focused on action centred leadership with an action plan to develop communication skills.

Candidates will perform their 10 minute presentation, which consolidates their learning over the previous sessions. Reflective practice will then relate to their own leadership style and leadership of the organisation. There will be a 360 degree feedback session where learners will pair up and appraise others’ performances, then discuss their findings as a group. In this way, it will be an induction to the Level 3 Management standard, highlight progression routes, and gives candidates the opportunity to ask questions.