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What Are Apprentice Ambassadors & Do They Help Applications?

Working with apprenticeship providers to develop tailored programmes of relevant education is a great way for employers to find young talent and prepare them for a career in a unique industry, allowing them to earn as they learn in the process.

However, whilst this is the most obvious reason why employers should take on apprentices and the primary way in which a scheme is deemed to be successful, there are other benefits to taking on an apprentice.

The biggest added bonus that comes from a successful apprenticeship scheme is that apprentices also become incredible ambassadors not only for particular programmes but also for their employers and the apprenticeship system itself.

An apprentice ambassador is an advocate for work-based learning who often volunteers their time and energy to let potential future apprentices know that it is an option, as well as inspire them with their own story of how an apprenticeship gave them a career.

This can take a lot of different forms depending on the needs of the employer and the local community but generally involves taking part in case studies, being in social media campaigns for the employer and apprenticeship scheme as an example of what it can provide, and speaking in person at various events.

This can involve visiting colleges and schools to deliver presentations on their experiences as an apprentice, or attending career events to talk one-to-one with people who may be considering their options as an apprentice.

In some cases, apprentices might even attend workshops that give people a taste of what the structure of work-based learning is like, particularly when it comes to the assessment side of apprenticeships that are not always as well-understood.

This provides benefits for everyone involved. Apprentice ambassadors can build their network, access extra resources and add additional skills to their CV, whilst employers have a living monument to the success of their scheme representing them.