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Are Apprenticeships Perceived To Be Better Than Degrees?

The popularity of apprenticeship programmes has increased over the last few years, with a growing number of people opting for on-the-job training courses rather than going to university. 

By doing this, they not only get to earn a salary while gaining their qualifications but they also save themselves thousands of pounds in university fees. 

With the average student loan fees coming in at £45,000 for completing a degree, and £24,000 for a postgraduate course, there is a very good reason why young people want to avoid having this debt hanging over them before they even begin their career. 

In fact, student loan debt grew by 1,578 per cent in England from 2000 to 2022, which means it could increase even more in time, deterring future students from going to university. 

It is not a surprise, therefore, that more than two-thirds of people in Scotland who took part in a study think apprenticeships are more valuable than getting a degree from university.

The Amazon Future of Work & Career Development European research revealed that many believed they prepared people for the working world better.

At the same time, just 33 per cent of Scottish employees thought that university degrees are just as important for a good career as they were a decade ago. 

The research also found that 83 per cent of workers considered career development training to be important. However, 29 per cent said they could not afford to pay for training by themselves. 

By undertaking an apprenticeship programme, students can develop their practical skills, as well as learn everything they need to know. They, therefore, can achieve this career development training and have a superior edge compared with those who just have theoretical knowledge of the job.