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The Opportunities Available After Completing An Apprenticeship

There are many benefits of choosing to do an apprenticeship over other further education options, including the vast number of opportunities available to students after they have finished their training. 

There is no denying that one of the main advantages of doing an apprenticeship is being paid to learn. While university debts in England are £45,600 by the end of the degree, apprentices can be free from this financial burden.

In fact, they would have earned at least £80,004 for working five years, while training for their qualifications at the same time. 

Construction Leadership Council Young Ambassador Lydia McGuiness told PBC Today: “I always use the phrase ‘earning by learning’ because that’s exactly what it allows you to do. By the time I graduated at 20, I had saved enough for a house deposit.”

Therefore, apprentices who complete their course will have vast financial opportunities that are not available to students who take another route.

For most apprentices, the biggest opportunity to come out of their course is being offered a job at the same company on completion. 

Lots of apprenticeship providers keep jobs open for their trainees, as they can get the next generation of fresh talent in their workforce.

At the same time, there are many opportunities for progression, as employers are always interested in upskilling their staff. Therefore, they do not have to worry about limiting their potential, as they can opt for management training courses or further studies in the future. 

According to government statistics, the number of people opting for apprenticeships in 2022/23 had declined by 12,000 from the previous year. 

Therefore, apprentice providers are now likely to be offering better terms and conditions and more training and vocational opportunities to entice young people on to their programmes.