Are Apprenticeships More Attractive After Results Day?

Sixth formers and their parents around the country nervously anticipated A-Level results day, but for many, there could still be viable options if they failed to get the grades they wanted.

Historically, students needed to get certain results to gain a place at a university of their choice. 

However, apprenticeship schemes have become more popular over the last few years and they might not require the same grades that universities ask for. 

So, when 18-year-olds all over the UK opened their A-level results last Thursday (August 17th), those who did not secure a place at their first choice uni still had plenty of choices. 

In fact, the option of doing an apprenticeship is appealing for many reasons other than potentially requiring lower grades.

Those who embark on an apprenticeship scheme can earn money while gaining their qualifications, which means they will not have thousands of pounds of debt when they finish. 

This is particularly important as the cost-of-living crisis continues on. 

Clare Marchant, chief executive of UCAS, told Hull Daily Mail that many youngsters are likely to have switched to apprenticeships if they did not get their first choice. 

“The earn while you learn versus going to university might seem an even more attractive option than it has in the past,” she noted.

Indeed, students graduating from English unis this year will have amassed an average debt of nearly £45,000 in student loans. 

Conversely, apprentices will not owe money and will have had the opportunity to earn an income during their course instead. 

Many apprenticeship providers offer degree qualifications as well, which means students can finish with the same accreditation as they would have received if they had gone to university.