What Are The Three Factors For Successful Apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is unlike any other form of education or training, providing both structured learning and the ability to practise skills in a real-world environment in the same course, certified by an approved provider.

This makes apprenticeships exceptionally useful for helping people not only find a job but a career in a profession they have passion, energy and the skills for, but success requires two-way investment and buy-in.

Specifically, there are three primary factors that are associated with successful learning and development through the apprenticeship process, according to the educational theory of apprenticeship.

The first factor is activity. One of the benefits of on-the-job training is that apprentices have direct involvement with the work they are doing and the skills they are expected to employ, whilst also being under the safe supervision of trainers during this process.

For example, an apprentice learning to drive a forklift will typically train in safe areas under supervision, which allows them to get acquainted with their new skills without the risk of harm.

The second factor is sociality, which is the constant interaction with other employees, management and customers whilst they learn under a mentor and a trainer, which prepares them to interact with their peers when the time comes to put learned skills into practice.

Finally, and most critically, the third factor is authenticity, which is the factor that sets apprenticeships apart from academic qualifications and other forms of highly structured learning.

This is defined as the connection between a particular field of study and how it is comprehended by a layperson. 

Many contractors, such as plumbers, electricians and gas engineers need to not only understand the complex and specialised aspects of a particular job but also convey this in simple, easy-to-understand terms to a customer.

This is useful not only for its own sake but also in the establishment of a more fundamental and practical knowledge set.