Why Apprenticeships Are A Great Option Over University

Apprenticeships are a fantastic option for those who want to get stuck into a career straight away and learn as they work. 

Traditionally, many people will have gone to university to get a degree before starting their career, but as time goes on more and more people are choosing different methods.

While university is a great option for many people, some simply don’t like the idea of spending many more years in education working towards a degree.

Apprenticeships, either directly through employers or found with apprenticeship training providers, offer a different route and allow you to work in your chosen industry and earn money while gaining your qualifications.

This is one of many reasons why people choose to do apprenticeships over a degree now. The ability to earn money whilst learning is a huge benefit. 

It can be incredibly difficult to work alongside full time studying which leaves university students in massive amounts of debt and can be a financially difficult period of their lives.

With an apprenticeship you will earn a wage while also working towards your qualifications and there are no huge tuition fees involved either. 

This puts you in an excellent position of being debt free upon finishing your qualifications and you are able to start your career on a positive financial note.

Not only can you earn while you learn, you are also able to practise industry specific skills and learn the intricacies of your role straight away. While university is a great place to gain subject knowledge, it usually doesn’t prepare you for a specific job.

Apprenticeships allow you to step right in and learn as you go, meaning you build all the necessary skills for your job as an apprentice. This allows you to finish your apprenticeship with not only the theoretical knowledge you need, but the practical skills and experience as well.