Northern Gas Expands Apprenticeship Scheme

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) has revealed it has expanded its apprenticeship scheme to open up opportunities within the sector for young people who do not have formal qualifications. 

The group, which is the gas distributor for the north of England, is committed to improving social mobility, so those who have not finished their school education can still have a promising career.  

HR director at NGN Lindsey Filer said: “Our operational apprenticeships have always been a really popular way for people to get their foot on the ladder of a career in the gas industry and train with an innovative gas network, putting steps in place for a greener energy future.”

It was added that administrative roles have now been added to the apprenticeship scheme to provide people with the opportunity for office-based jobs within the gas industry. 

This is the first time in five years NGN is planning on hiring apprenticeships other than operatives. It is looking for seven new business support administrator apprentices to embark on two-year placements in Leeds. 

Successful applicants will be able to work towards qualifications, while also earning on the job. They will have a mentor throughout the scheme, and potentially receive their driving licence, as NGN is offering to pay for some lessons, as well as the theory and practical tests. 

Earlier this year, NGN revealed a pilot scheme that reduces carbon emissions has been successful. The HyDeploy project involved issuing energy made up of 23 per cent hydrogen blended with natural gas.

Participants carried on using gas supplies as usual, with residents claiming: “There was no difference to using our gas when it contained the hydrogen.” 

If HyDeploy is rolled out nationally, this could have a big impact on tackling climate change as hydrogen does not produce carbon monoxide when it is burned.

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