New Apprenticeship Academy To ‘Eradicate Digital Skills Gap’

A Burnley-based technology business has launched a brand-new apprenticeship academy. The +24 Academy will be the UK’s first fully digital apprenticeship course, designed and delivered by industry professionals.

The Burnley Express reports that the course will provide apprentices with advanced education in the latest digital marketing trends and allow professionals to share their knowledge, wisdom, experience, and practical skills.

+24 managing director Dave Walker said: “Apprentices are set to play an even more vital role in helping businesses thrive and grow.”

“This new initiative is the first of its kind, we have a dedicated team of professionals working round-the-clock to analyse the digital marketing sphere in order to produce the most up-to-date learning materials ever seen.”

Mr Walker believes apprenticeships are going to be crucial to the recovery of both the national and local economies, with the COVID-19 pandemic having devastated large sectors of the economy and hitting young people’s prospects particularly hard.

As such, +24 Academy students will learn current and essential digital skills that are key to the country’s future development, which the company hopes will allow the UK to regain its position at the top of the world’s digital landscape.

The first apprenticeship course +24 Academy are launching is the digital marketer standard level 3 and a host of other digital skills such as cybersecurity will follow. The apprenticeships will be accompanied by some shorter, tailored digital skill courses which are in high demand as the UK workforce is aiming to improve their digital skills.

The syllabus, designed by digital industry professionals and leading experts, can be quickly changed to reflect new industry standards, and materials included, to support colleges and training providers deliver the skilled courses.

As well as gaining access to continuously updated content, apprentices can take free additional courses, including lessons in coding, print design and social media management, and they will be able to track their progress through an interactive dashboard.

Graduates from the 12-month Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard course will gain qualifications in industry-leading standards, including learning how to master digital marketing campaigns, social media strategies and data protection.

Mr Walker said: “The beauty of our system is that even current employees can also enrol on the course, and our experts know the newest industry standards, because they are on the front line of the digital age daily, and share that knowledge with the apprentices.

“We are here to eradicate the digital skills gap.”

Former apprentices have come forward to praise the programme. Former apprentice Elly Littler said she was hired as a digital marketing apprentice, saying it was “the best move I could have taken for my career”.

“I’ve gained more opportunities for career progression since completing the course, as it allowed me to extend my knowledge further and develop new skills that I can bring into the workplace.”

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