Operations / Departmental Manager

An operations departmental manager is someone who manages teams and/or projects and achieves operational or departmental goals as part of the delivery of an organisation’s business strategy.

Typically the Operations Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship will take 24 months to complete.

On completion of the programme, the assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours, and the final end-point assessment, learners may choose to register as “Full Members” with the Chartered Management Institute; those with three years’ of management experience or more can apply for “Chartered Manager Status”.

The Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship has been designed to provide access to development opportunities for as wide a range of individuals as possible. This include individuals who are at the start of their career, and who wish to take their first steps into professional management, as well as those who may already have developed practical experience but who wish to develop theoretical understanding. The programme will consist of classroom delivery led by CMI accredited facilitators. There are 8 CMI diploma units covered by 7 classroom sessions, online group coaching and e-learning. A portfolio on our online software OneFile will evidence that the knowledge gained through the programme is leading to improvements in skills and behaviours. The final element is the completion of a work-based project, where scope and title will be agreed by the employer, training provider, and learner.

Entry requirements for this standard will be decided by each employer, behavioural and self-management requirements typically include candidates who demonstrate effective problem solving and decision making, professionalism, inclusivity, flexibility to the needs of the organisation, and a drive to achieve in all aspects of work.

Those candidates who do not have a level 2 qualification in English or maths will need to achieve this prior to accessing the end-point assessment. Apprentices can also achieve their Level 5 Management and Leadership with CMI through taking the following units:

501 Principles of operational leadership and management in an organisational context
502 Principles of developing, managing and leading individuals and teams to achieve success
509 Managing stakeholder relationships
513 Managing projects to achieve results
514 Managing change
515 Creating and delivering operational plans
520 Managing finance
525 Using reflective practice to inform personal and professional development

The programme contains a 360 degree feedback tool which is sent to each delegate to complete and then to their colleagues, direct peers, manager etc. At the end of the programme delegates will complete an End-Point-Assessment this is completed by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) over a period of 3 months. This will assess the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours acquired through the programme. This will include a knowledge test, review of the evidence presented in the portfolio and a virtual presentation and interview around the project they have managed. Finally there is a further virtual interview to assess the skills they have developed and demonstrated throughout the programme, including a discussion around their CPD log. The programme is graded on performance in all areas of this assessment and Chartered Manager Status is granted upon completion.