How To Expand Apprenticeship Programme Uptake

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that apprenticeships not only help young people set themselves up for successful careers whilst earning a living but also help make it easier for businesses and entire industry sectors to nurture the next generation.

Programmes with apprenticeship providers are a highly cost-effective way of building relevant skills and qualifications and have multiple different levels from learning core skills whilst you learn, to being paid to complete a degree-level qualification.

However, apprenticeship starts have gone down in the first part of 2023, as due to wider economic factors, some struggling businesses focus out of necessity on lowering costs, increasing runway and consolidating themselves in the present, forsaking the future in the process.

The solutions to this are broad and largely outside of the scope of individual apprentices, businesses and providers. However, there are ways that a business can stand out, find the perfect candidate and reap the rewards.

Lean On Success

If you already have apprentices who have achieved their certification or ones that are progressing very well in your organisation, you have the making of a very effective marketing and branding campaign.

Work with your marketing team to commission content based on their experiences, how they found the programme and how it has opened up career paths for them.

Put Support Front And Centre

Whilst 80 per cent of an apprenticeship is in a workplace environment, it is essential to note that the course is centred around learning and development, and the best way to prove that to candidates and new hires is to have a robust support system in place.

Mentors, a working environment centred on continuous professional development, open communication and regular progress meetings will ensure that an apprentice remains motivated, on track and invested in themselves and the future role they will have in your business.