The Advantages Of Offering Apprenticeship Schemes

The best way for industries, crafts, arts and knowledge to endure through the ages is to teach them to the next generation, and this mindset is what led to the creation and development of apprenticeships.

Whilst apprenticeships have changed considerably since the guild apprenticeships of the 12th century, particularly when the role was formalised in 1964, the importance of apprenticeship providers and teaching practical skills with a formal qualification waiting at the end has not.

Here are some of the biggest advantages to businesses offering apprenticeships.

The Value Of Upskilling

For many industries, especially those which require specialist skills, there are two main paths to recruitment.

The first is to recruit new staff directly into a position, which whilst a necessity in many cases also comes at a cost, and with the risk that the skills they have learned in another organisation may not translate well to a particular business.

Upskilling existing staff and hiring apprentices may be a better route, as these employees fit your business already and can learn new skills and qualifications tailored to the existing and future needs of an organisation.

Improve Morale And Motivation

Apprenticeships are more often than not a long term project. Whilst very short year-long apprenticeships do exist, most employers hire an apprentice for up to six years as they develop their skills, earn whilst they learn and gain a qualification that will prepare them for the future.

Having that security in place allows them to grow and develop, not only as an employee but as a person, and this in itself can be a major motivator.

Even for people who are not apprentices, an apprenticeship course highlights a path to promotion and progression and encourages other staff members to boost their skills.

As well as this, teams tend to gravitate and work together to help teach an apprentice and help them to feel welcome, which can bring them closer together and inspire new ideas and fresh viewpoints.

Find Raw Talent

For long-term apprenticeships especially, offering a substantial qualification to potential job applications is an incentive that brings some of the best and brightest young talents to your door.

A growing number of young people are seeking out alternative pathways to the career they want, and degree apprenticeships will get the right candidate to a graduate-level with years more job experience and often a position at the company that nurtured their talent.

Tackle Skill Shortages

Apprenticeships are an investment in the future and are a way to handle future skills shortages effectively.

We have seen this approach be taken in the logistics world, as the government have made up to 4000 spaces on training courses available to train new HGV drivers to handle a skills shortage in the long term.

As apprenticeship schemes are tailored to specific requirements, they can be used to help fill a skills gap and prepare an industry for the future.


The future of industries will be in the hands of the young apprentices and members of staff businesses hire and train to be the leaders of tomorrow.

By hiring apprenticeships, a job with a focus on education, they are learning the knowledge, expertise and skills necessary to keep industries moving forward when the current team of staff leave the industry or retire.