NCFE Level 2 Digital Skills For Work

Digital Skills Level 2 is ideal for learners who would like to take their pre-existing digital skills to the next step. You will learn to demonstrate your understanding and competency in digital literacy skills, and it will help you progress to a job role where digital literacy skills are required.

1  Aged 19+ at the beginning Live in the EU for Available fully of the programme
2 Live in the EU for 3 years
3 Available fully funded

1 Achieve a nationally recognised qualification
2 Further your personal and professional development
3 Improve your digital skills
4 Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend a college
5 Enhance your employability or give yourself the opportunity to progress into a role where digital skills are required

The purpose of this qualification is to allow learners to demonstrate understanding and competency of digital literacy skills. It will help learners progress to a work role where digital literacy skills are required. This qualification should take 140 hours to complete.

1 Using and managing information - From this unit, learners will be able to identify and select information and resources to meet organisational needs, evaluate researched information and adhere to procedures and copyright, store information in line with an organisation's procedures.
2 Keeping yourself and others safe when using digital devices - From this unit, learners will understand how to protect data and devices, how organisational data is protected, how to use equipment safely in line with health and safety regulations.
3 Communicating and collaborating online - From this unit, learners will be able to communicate socially and professionally using technology, know how to communicate effectively via email in a business context, how to use online meeting and collaboration tools.
4 Digital career development - From this unit, learners will be able to manage and promote their own digital reputation and online identity, use social media and the internet to prepare applications for employment, facilitate personal and professional learning and career progression.

The qualification is internally assessed and externally quality assured by NCFE. Each learner will create an online portfolio of knowledge by answering assessment questions using our virtual learning platform.